Tue 28 Mar 2017

Freaky Friday 2017.1

The first Freaky Friday of 2017 was held earlier this month, and IDVers experimented with everything from new Visual Command Center capabilities to Rock Paper Scissors AI.

Freaky Friday 2017.1 was held just a few days after the announcement that IDV has joined the Everbridge family, so many IDVers took this opportunity to learn more about other apps in the Everbridge suite.

This quarterly event gives our developers a chance to step back from their usual duties and work on any project they choose. Some of these projects were for fun, and others could end up in future versions of our software. Projects are grouped into three categories and we voted on winners from each category plus an overall winner.

Here are the Projects and the Winners:

Peter Tirrell experimented with automatically capturing the location of stories from a live video feed and displaying both in a Visual Command Center Channel.

Bryce Erwin, Marcus Greathouse and Andrew Winkle Freaky Friday project.Bryce Erwin, Marcus Greathouse and Andrew Winkle's Freaky Friday project.

Bryce Erwin, Marcus Greathouse and Andrew Winkle worked on a Visual Command Center Channel designed to display tens of thousands of assets in an easy-to understand format on a video wall or some other monitor.

Channel Category winner Freaky Friday projectJames Hartley, Joe Baker, Oscar Fandino and Steve Wakeford's winning project in the Channel Category.

James Hartley, Joe Baker, Oscar Fandino, Steve Wakeford (Channel Category Winner) worked on a Channel to display response statuses for a Everbridge mass notifications sent via Visual Command Center. This Channel could be displayed on a video wall in a command center or another monitor.

Freaky Friday projectGeoff O'Donnell's Freaky Friday project.

Stephen Dunn (Integrations Category and Overall Winner) experimented with using Amazon’s Alexa to report on and create new risk event information in Visual Command Center.

Frank Tan and Justin Kibbe's Freaky Friday projectFrank Tan and Justin Kibbe's Freaky Friday project.

Frank Tan and Justin Kibbe worked on importing Everbridge contacts as assets and creating new Everbridge incidents from alerts.

Geoff O'Donnell worked on visualizing information from an ongoing Everbridge incident in Visual Command Center.

Freaky Friday project - Minh Pham, Cindy Wilkinson, Dan Lipsy Minh Pham, Cindy Wilkinson and Dan Lipsy's Freaky Friday project.

Minh Pham, Cindy Wilkinson, Dan Lipsy (Grab Bag Category Winner experimented with ways to archive and report on historical data in Visual Command Center.

Abigail Hill's Freaky Friday project.Abigail Hill's Freaky Friday project.

Abigail Hill worked on an application that lets you look at Julia fractals.

Justin Hoffman experimented with a new database program.

Yusuke Hasegawa's Freaky Friday projectYusuke Hasegawa's Freaky Friday project.

Yusuke Hasegawa created A Rock Paper Scissors AI game in Visual Command Center. The AI is trained from historical data from tens of thousands of results to determine its next play. Rock Paper Scissors is IDV’s go-to tie-breaker for FF projects.

Daniel Briggs experimented with visualizing the operational status of servers and the services running on them.

Freaky Friday 2017.1 winnersOur winners: (from left) Dan, Minh, Cindy, James, Steve, Stephen and Joe. Not pictured: Oscar.

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