Visual Fusion for Tablets

Explore Visual Fusion with three free demonstration data sets

visual fusion for tablets - ipad application free trials

Visual Fusion for Tablets is now available in the iTunes iPad App Store and includes three free demonstration data sets for you to explore the power and interactive capabilities of Visual Fusion.

analysis of enclaves in america in visual fusion

American Enclaves is a novel analysis of United States Department of Census data presented in a stunning visual application. Explore areas of the country and see the “enclaves” where residents of Asian, Hispanic, Black and White descent have congregated. Using the feed control, you can turn data sets on and off, or add live Flickr and other data feeds.

disaster awareness application for ipad available in apple itunes store

Disaster Awareness lets you visualize recent and currently occurring earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, and hurricanes globe. Tap the disaster icon to learn more about the event, and be sure to try out the interactive timeline.

wonders of the world free ipad application

Wonders of The World lets you interactively explore the wonders around the world – ancient, medieval, modern, natural and underwater.

Visual Fusion for Tablets


FREE! Try the three free demonstration applications. Download Visual Fusion for iPad from the iTunes App Store. View, interact and combine with your enterprise data* with Visual Fusion for Tablets.

*Visual Fusion for Tablets requires Visual Fusion 5.5 or 5.7 to view and interact with enterprise data.

Visual Fusion for Tablets is supported on Android 4.0 and 4.1 tablet operating systems with the Chrome browser, and on iOS5 or iOS6 operating systems on the iPad2 or new iPad as a native app or with the Safari browser.